Voices — organized support for our people.

An image of a hand resting on top of a stack of books focused on creativity and design.

Voices is O/M’s employee resource group created and led by, and for, our people.

Voices’ mission is to foster professional development, leadership opportunities, awareness, and support of BIPOC+ employees, with a focus on creating positive, long-term, and inclusive community impact.

Voices aspires to create a work environment in which all members of O/M can thrive and bring their best abilities to support each other. Voices advocates for diverse needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Supporting and empowering BIPOC+ employees by communicating to leadership interests, needs, and policies
  • Facilitating professional development
  • Promoting BIPOC+ education and cultural and social awareness
  • Providing a support network for those who identify as BIPOC+
  • Sharing discussion, awareness, and advocating for issues facing the BIPOC+ employees and community at large